What are your options?

Do you love where you live but need more space? Want to switch things around or extend a little to really grow into your surroundings? Does the idea of moving home send chills through your body?


Imagine sitting in your kitchen chatting to your dinner party guests as you cook, or retiring to the lounge after a long day at work to relax with your partner whilst the kids are off in their bedrooms with friends relaxing playing games, or maybe setting up your own business from home in that office you always wanted.


Well if you can imagine your revitalised home, then Creation Design Studio wants to help you to create it, so you can live that dream day in and day out. Here at Creation Design Studio we work unlock what you want for your budget. So let’s get to the drawing board and get started!


Creation Design Studio’s principle, Helen is an architectural designer that helps create your dream home, whether by way of adapting, adding or starting from scratch. By encouraging the seeds of a dream she can help your dreams become a reality.


More information coming soon ….. if you want to discuss your project, please contact us for more details